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January 10, 2017 February 10, 2017 March 14, 2017 April 7, 2017

April 7, 2017

Minutes were read from the last meeting and accepted with the following correction:  Linda Jackson will not be part of the transition team to help with programs and inserts.


Rich Emery, Patti Siberz, Stina Seeger-Gibson, Bryan Kirsch, Robin Kirsch, Linda Jackson, Larayne Yeager, Wes Ryan, Lewis Smith

Treasurer’s Report:

Rich Emery read the Treasurer’s Report

Rich presented requests to donate to Habitat for Humanity and St. James Santiago School

Rich will proceed with above donations


Janitorial Services:

Esperanza’s schedule—she will come in on Wednesday of dress rehearsal for each run and either Wednesday or Thursday of the remainder of each run


Computer and printer set up:

The computer is password protected when it turns on.

It is great resource of our history but not a whole lot we can use right now.  It runs very slow.

Lewis suggested backing it up on external hard drives to lessen the volume that is stored on the computer.  Lewis will donate some hard drives and begin the process of backing up/archiving files and will teach us how to use it.



Stina met with Ed Dreistadt and the plan is for TW to participate by doing a melodrama.

Ed would also like to recruit “mischevious pixies.”

June 24 and 25 are Pixiefest dates.  Pixiefest will take place at the Chinook Winds Casino.

We may receive a $500 honorarium for our participation.

A Pixie will appear riding a whale in the Portland Rose Parade as advertising.


Tour to Die For:

The scripts for the next Tour to Die For will be done in mid-May.

Patti will be the director.

Auditions TBA—There are 6 roles and understudies are needed.

There is money for wigs and costumes.

The committee is hoping to organize pop-up tours for tour buses that come into town.  Actors would be “on-call” and notified when a bus is coming.


Amazon Smile Foundation:

By making Amazon orders through TW we can earn money.

Patti will talk to Mike for further clarification.

Linda will put a link on our website for Amazon Smile foundation.


Lights/Sound/Tech discussion:

Wes will donate a flat screen tv for monitor in the green room.

Wes will take down the camera in the auditorium to see what is wrong with it and make a report to the board.

Rich moves that Wes will look into stage lights and come back to the board with a proposal.  Motion passes unanimously.



Fall show opens October 19 and closes Nov 11 at LCCC

Winter show opens January 4

New board members:

Wes Ryan and Lewis Smith are our new Theatre West board members


Next meeting:

May 9th at 6:00 pm


March 14, 2017

Meeting called to order at 5:45 pm


Stina Seeger-Gibson, Bryan Kirsch, Robin Kirsch, Patti Siberz, Rich Emery, Linda Jackson

The minutes were read from the February 10th meeting.  There were no corrections and the minutes were accepted as read.


Treasurer's Report: 

The treasurer's report was unavailable pending the board filling the vacancy of the Treasurer's position.



The board discussed all the tasks and responsibilities necessary to keep Theatre West functioning day-to-day.  These tasks and responsibilities were assigned to specific positions. Roles were designated to oversee those positions and tasks.  Members of the board were assigned roles and vacancies were identified. 

The board decided to advertise on the website that we are looking for two new board members with instructions to email Theatre West if interested within a three-week deadline (by April 4th).  Bryan agreed to encourage Danielle Ryan to join the board and Rich agreed to encourage Kate Daschel to join.  The new board members would fill the vacancies until the next general meeting, at which time they could run again if interested.



Patti made a motion that Rich Emery fill the Treasurer vacancy and be authorized as a signatory on the Theatre West account at TLC.  Bryan seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously. 

Bryan agreed to be a sort of "apprentice" who would also learn Rich's procedures as Treasurer so that if Rich were unable to complete a task in the event of emergency, that Bryan would be able to complete the task.


Action Plan for Treasurer's position:

Necessary items for the official transition from Dennis Gibson to Rich Emery of the Treasurer's duties:




Secretary Position:

Since Linda is taking on more work in her publicist role (i.e. posters) Robin will begin keeping up the membership and friends rosters, as this is an appropriate role for the secretary.


Tour to Die For:

Patti informed the board that plans have begun for the next Tour to Die For in the fall.  They are discussing a "two-for" deal with discounted tickets to a TW play and the Tour to Die For when bought as a package.


Next Meeting:

Friday April 7th at Theatre West at 5:00 p.m.


Task List:


February 10, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 4:15 p.m.

Present: Stina Seeger-Gibson, Rich Emery, Patti Siberz, Bryan Kirsch, Robin Kirsch and Bonnie Ross

Reading of the minutes from January 10 and January 24, 2017:  There were no additions or corrections—the minutes stand as read


Treasurer’s Report:

The board discussed the transition of Treasurer’s duties after the passing of Dennis Gibson. This will be an important agenda item for the March meeting. There was no Treasurer’s Report for January. At the March meeting we can go backward two months.


Further discussion and reconsideration of affirmative January vote (to perform the first two plays of next season at the cultural center):

The board reconsidered the previous month’s vote due to new input from Bruce Jackson as well as Rich’s rethinking of the cost of the Cultural Center’s take of the ticket, bringing to light that audiences would need to be significantly larger to cover the amount of money that would be given to the LCCC from each ticket.

The board again discussed the monetary risks (in light of the receipt of recent grant monies) as well as artistic and logistical difficulties that will occur as a result of staging the first two shows of the season at the LCCC.  Bonnie Ross (general member) offered input based on her experiences of sharing space with multiple theater companies at the PAC in Newport.

The board acknowledged the necessity of:

  1. Communicating early and clearly to our current audiences our plan to use the LCCC for the first two plays, and our desire to hear input from our audiences and membership
  2. Continuing to clearly communicate to our current audiences during the fall as to WHERE plays are occurring and taking steps to eliminate any confusion as to venue during each run (for example a sign/banner at Theatre West location and at LCCC)
  3. Continuing clear communication during the winter/spring shows during our transition back to Theatre West in order to eliminate any confusion as to venue during each run

Continually gathering data from our audiences and membership in order to make an informed decision about the future of choice of venue for Theatre West

After much discussion the board decided to go ahead with its January decision to hold the first two plays of the 2017-18 season at the LCCC. Stina will inform Niki of the decision and finalize the dates.


Bryan moved for an inspection of the current building:  The motion passed unanimously. Bryan will make an appointment for an inspection with Pete Barton.


Love, Loss, and What I Wore:


Stina shared that there will be a Pixiefest meeting with Ed Drystadt next week.


Janitorial Services: Esperanza Lagunes would like to fill the janitorial position at TW. The position pays $200 for a regular run and $400 for the summer run. Rich will meet with Esperanza.


By-laws: Rich asked the board to all take a look at the bylaws to see where changes might be needed in preparation for the discussion at the March meeting.


Computer purchase: Rich moved that we use Dennis’s computer as the Theatre West computer and move it to the office at Theatre West, rather than purchasing a new computer. Motion passed unanimously. Need for a printer will be discussed at the next meeting.


Advance sales tickets: Last month we agreed to $12.50 per ticket. Rich moved to change it to $12.00 per ticket. Passed unanimously.


Discussion: Distribution of duties to various board members, including redistributing Dennis’s duties. Discussion is tabled until next meeting when we have more time. Board members agreed to look at handout/ideas from Rich re: board duties and be ready to discuss at next meeting.


Agenda for next time:

Next meeting: March 14th 5:30 at Rich and Patti’s house


January 10, 2017

·       In attendance:  Rich Emery, Patti Siberz, Stina Seeger-Gibson, Bryan Kirsch, Robin Kirsch, Linda Jackson

·       Minutes were read from the last meeting and accepted with one correction.

·       Rich Emery gave the Treasurer’s Report (on behalf of Dennis Gibson) including funds received from the Lincoln County Cultural Coalition Grant and The Tour to Die For.


Meeting with Cultural Center

The board members read an email from Niki Price of the Lincoln City Cultural Center requesting a meeting regarding discussion of a Theatre West/LCCC partnership.  A meeting was scheduled with Niki for 3:00, January 13th.  Rich, Patti, Bryan, and Stina will attend.


Audition dates for the Odd Couple were revised in order to accommodate auditioning two separate casts (male and female).  Auditions for the female version of the play will be April 9th and 10th.  Auditions for the male version of the play will be May 7th and 8th.


Love, Loss, and What I Wore

Stina has applied for the license.

Robin will call Niki for an invoice for rental of the LCCC and give it to Stina to write a check and drop it off.

Robin will meet with Danielle at the LCCC on January 12th re: details

Auditions have been set for March 12th at 7:00


Janitorial Services

Rich suggested that Esperanza would be available to take on the position of cleaning Theatre West.  Motion was made and passed unanimously.  Stina will talk with Esperanza about the position.


Season Ticket Prices

Rich proposed raising ticket prices of the season tickets from $10 per show to $12.50 per show for the 2017/18 season.  Stina suggested the ticket price be raised effective immediately.  Motion was made and passed. 

Season Tickets/”Advance Sales Tickets” will now be 10 tickets for $125

Linda Jackson will change the website to reflect the new prices.


New Year’s Eve decorations

Laura Green will “dump” all of the Theatre West New Year’s Eve decorations that are at her house following the New Year’s Eve party at her home.


New Board Secretary

Rich nominated Robin to fill the vacant secretary position left by Karen Davis.  Motion was made and passed unanimously.

Robin will collect copies of previous meeting minutes for archival purposes.

Linda and Robin will research how to create a link on the Theatre West website to the board meeting minutes.



Stina and Patti are in discussion with Ed Dreistadt of the Visitor and Convention Bureau about “Pixiefest” planned for June 24th and 25th 2017.  Actors for melodramas will be provided by Theatre West.



Rich and Patti will have ready for the next board meeting a rough draft of updated bylaws in anticipation of presenting a draft for approval at the next general meeting.


On the agenda for the next meeting

Discussion:  Predictable, scheduled, advertised, board meetings to encourage attendance of membership and key volunteers.  Publicly accessible board meeting minutes.

Discussion:  List of expectations for our board members.  Assessment of the needs of board, whether or not we currently have members able to fulfill those needs, and recruiting new members for the board who will bring the abilities we need.

Discussion:  Making a list of needs for computer hardware and/or software to know if we should buy a “refurbished” XP or another kind of computer.

Discussion:  Dennis’s responsibilities that need to be covered…




Tickets—Stina and Kayla

Set design—Bryan 

Open box office—Nancy

Deposit gate—Bryan

Paid advertising for the show—

Treasurer, financial reporting—Rich and Dennis

Rich and Dennis will get together to discuss logistics


Next Meeting:  February 14th Tuesday 5:30 



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